Enterprise Mobility

"We offer end-to-end mobility solutions to the real world business problems so that, you can move your business forward by creating new opportunities."

It takes expertise, precision, and deep understanding of technology to meet enterprise mobility objectives, and integrate existing infrastructure with mobile devices. We, at KPGTC, help you define your business processes and accelerate growth and potential by designing efficient mobility solutions. We analyze business requirements and devise the best-fitting methodology to create flawless mobility solutions for you.

Some Of Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions Include:

Retail Mobility Solution

Various research reveals that 75% of mobile users would spend more through their mobilesapps if more websites were optimized. SInce smartphones and tablets ownership Increases there will be even greater rewards for companies investing in mobile and this is particularly true for retailers.

Often retailers see mobile retail as nothing more than an extension of internet retail. In reality, mobile creates opportunities to build new applications which enable new consumer behavior and can unlock new economic potential.

Organizations have now recognized that mobile is here for the long term and that core systems and processes will have to change in light of such an enormous change. Instead of just bolting on another channel, KPGTC is using mobile as an opportunity to change how our customers work, communicate, serve their customers and operate as a business. Our customers are looking less at mobile as a “quick and dirty solution” and more as a way to go after much larger ROI initiatives.

KPGTC Retail Mobile Solution

  • Helps in Energizing the Customer Experience
  • Boost In-Store Efficiency
  • Optimize the Retail Supply Chain
  • Assisted selling and Clienteling

Financial Mobility Solutions

With KPGTC’s state-of-the-art smartphone-based services we open up a new dimension of mobility for our customers and raise flexibility to a new level. Mobility solutions for Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets focus on improving the customer experience, selling to the digital consumer, reducing risk and achieving productivity improvements and cost reductions.

At KPGTC we have worked on a wide range of Financial applications and mobile technology solutions for various financial institutions. Our knowledge of mobile technology coupled with our experience in creating mobile solutions for financial companies helps us cater and satisfy our customers.

  • Provides valuable financial insights anytime, anywhere
  • Helps in accelerating key process cycle times and eliminate approval bottlenecks
  • Reduce operational costs

HealthCare Mobility Solutions

KPGTC Mobile healthcare provides an opportunity for healthcare organizations to widen their current service offerings and reduce significant cost-savings in the industry. It also allows healthcare organizations to provide better ongoing care to patients, while using the most up-to-date information and resources that otherwise aren’t available using traditional channels.

Our approach to Healthcare is targeted across the complete chain flow. Industry challenges and competitive pressures are driving hospitals to think innovatively and create systems that provide maximum information, higher service quality and operational efficiency. We believe that a sound mobility strategy and vision by hospital stakeholders can improve the patient care significantly.


  • Collaborate and take better-informed decisions
  • HIPAA compliant to protect personal health information
  • Increases productivity and quality of patient care
  • Easy deployment across all mobile platforms
  • Hospital Directory for easy access
  • Secure Text and Secure Voice Messages
  • Secure Emails
  • Schedules
  • Remote device / app control for added security
  • APIs to integrate with EHR / EMR and other systems
  • End to End Audit Trail

Our mHealth Solution Improves Alerts and Awareness Correspondent Diagnostic tools applications Patient Records – EMRs, EHRs and PHRs

Mobile Apps for energy Industry

With more and more people using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet to access the internet and perform everyday actions. An easiest ways of monitoring energy usage is with the creation and development of mobile apps. The apps used on a mobile device most often a tablet can provide a specific workforce with fast access to up-do-date accurate information, standardize the automation of processes.

KPGTC provides features for employees to Include job work orders that create automated invoices immediately upon completion, as well as electronically sending these invoices to the appropriate party; service and/or inspection reports of drilling or other work sites; job logs; and sustainability audit checklists. App features for consumers could Include energy usage information; how well they score in ‘green’ terms; tariff updates; current energy prices; cost comparisons; energy-saving hints and tips; and social media links.

KPGTC has built different applications for leading Oil & Natural Gas companies for their resources which allows them to gather data while on field. This helps them with accurate data collection with no loss of data, entered quickly and reduced 25% cost Incurred while purchasing stationary items.

With energy companies under ever-Increasing scrutiny, and more consumers concerned about wasting energy than ever before, KPGTC can deliver both transparency and reductions in man power consumption.

FieldService Applications

We have developed applications to track recorddelivery and collection operations. The simple userinterface makes collection of samples management and delivery operations easier. The application also enables users to receive their daily job list on their mobile phones.

KPGTC’s mobile solution helps to manage frequent customer centric field visits. This will help in reducing paperwork and provide a better solution for handling daily job task in a productive manner. Applications provide tools to rearrange routes, track specimens with missing information and monitor pick up and drop off times.

  • Ensures process adherence
  • Improves man power productivity
  • Saves cost and time