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Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) involves the installation of an electronic GPS tracking device in a vehicle with purpose designed computer software which is installed on a desktop or mobile device to track the vehicle's location, parameters , usage etc . It can be used to track a fleet of company vehicles , Taxis etc and provide various reports and the capability to redraw the past history on the map for. The system detects harsh breaking device, speed, fuel pilferage, mileage, vehicle temperature & a host of other real time data essential for tracking your fleet of taxis and trucks. It also comes with remote immobilizer to remotely cut off supply to the fuel tank in case of theft. The device has options for voice calling facilities too.


  • Real time tracking
  • Multiple department
  • Multiple Users
  • Waypoint Creation
  • Fence Creation
  • Running reports

Add-On Features:

  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Door Sensors
  • Over Speed Alerts
  • RFID Based Driver Identification
  • RPM & Harsh Breaking detection
  • Smart synchronization with speed limiting devices